How to choose the right memory

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Memory Tips

Memory, also known as the main memory, the CPU can directly addressable memory space, made of a semiconductor device. Memory access rate is characterized by fast. Computer memory is the main component, it is relative to the external memory terms. We usually use a program, such as the Windows operating system, typing software, game software, usually installed on the hard disk and other external memory, but that is not to use its features, they must be transferred to the memory to run, in order to genuine use of its function, we usually enter a text, or play a game, it is actually carried out in memory. Like in a study, storage shelves and bookcases books equivalent to the computer's external memory, and memory is our work desk. We usually want to permanently save large amount of data stored on the external memory, while the number of temporary or small amounts of data and programs on the memory, of course, memory is good or bad will directly affect the speed of the computer.

Memory sub-generation, second generation and third generation (desktop / laptop),
we usually refer to the generations of memory, the memory is based on
frequency division.
DDR memory frequency is divided into generation:
DDR2 memory frequency is divided into two generations:
DDR3 memory frequency is divided into three generations:

Memory Troubleshooting

A common fault: boot no display
   Memory cause for this failure is usually because the memory and the motherboard memory slot is bad cause, as long as its eraser reciprocated cheat site to solve the problem (do not clean with alcohol, etc.), there is memory corruption or motherboard memory slots have a problem, it can also cause such a failure. Since the memory causes boot no display failure, host speakers typically long beep (for Award Bios is concerned).

Troubleshooting II: Windows Registry damage often for no reason, prompt for user recovery 
  Such failures are generally caused by poor quality of memory because it is difficult to repair, replace only one way. 

Troubleshooting III: Windows often automatically enter safe mode
  Such failures are generally due to the motherboard and memory incompatibility or poor quality of memory cause, common in the high-frequency memory for some do not support this frequency memory motherboard, you can try to reduce the CMOS settings within 
memory read speed to see if that fixes the problem, should not, it can only replace a memory module.

Fault IV: random crashes
  Such failures are generally due to the use of several different chips of memory, since the memory at different speeds to produce a time difference resulting in the crash, which may reduce the memory speed in the CMOS settings to be resolved, otherwise, only use the same type of memory . Another possibility is not compatible with the motherboard memory, such phenomenon is generally rare, while there may be poor contact with the motherboard memory computer random crashes caused.

Five common faults: after increasing memory system resources but lower
  Such phenomenon is generally due to the motherboard and memory is not compatible cause, common in the high frequency of memory used for memory that does not support this frequency memory motherboard, when such a failure after that you can try in COMS memory speed is set too low a little try.

Often run out of memory when running some software tips: Troubleshooting Six 
  This phenomenon is generally due to lack of system disk space cause, you can delete some useless files, leaving some space can be generally maintained at about 300M appropriate.

Seven common faults: When you install Windows to boot from the hard disk space is detected, the system prompt memory 
  Such failures are generally due to the user in the config.sys file added emm386.exe file, as long as it masked problems can be solved.

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This limited product warranty covers only liability as described above Wadermoon defective product repair, replacement, or refund service. For content or data loss, damage, loss or damage caused by error, or by determining the source of system problems or removing, servicing or installing any costs resulting from product Wadermoon,Wadermoon assumes no responsibility, and these cases has not covered by the product warranty. This product warranty does not cover parts of third-party software, connected equipment or data storage. Therefore, Wadermoon for third-party software, for any loss or damage to data storage devices or connections caused
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