Vaseky Desktop Memory 4GB/8GB DDR3 1600 Desktop Memory

Item No.: PC3 12800
- Product model :DDR3  4GB/8GB
- Applicable type: desktop
- Memory frequency : 1600MHz
- Memory type : DDR3
- Particle package : BGA
- Memory voltage: 1.5v standard pressure
- Number of pins: 240pin
- Size: 6.9cmx3cm x0.5cm
Package Includes:
1 Pi
  • High precision: the test accuracy reaches the digital level, ensuring the excellent electrical performance, running performance and main AC parameters of each granule.
  • High quality: custom black diamond board quality assurance custom design 8 layer black diamond pCB board, new matte black solder mask, anti-interference, anti-static performance;
  • Good process: Gold finger adopts high-strength electroless gold plating process, which has stronger wear resistance and oxidation resistance, and has strong electrical conductivity to ensure stable and extremely fast data transmission.
  • High frequency: 1600Hz frequency speed ddR3 memory transmission broadband and CPU data exchange is faster. And support the operating system multi-threaded operation, multi-tasking operation, large-scale game running smoothly, bringing zero delay and speed-speed experience