Vaseky V800 1.8 mSATA 32G/64G/128G/240G/480G

Item No.: Vaseky V800
Light and slim design .
Portable external hard drive offering one-click, on-demand backup as well as customized backup plans.
It supports optimization commands such as NCQ/TEIM/SMATR, which not only enhances the hard disk writing performance, but also r
1. Capacity options:  32G\64G\128G\240G\480G
2. Interface:  MSATA Interface 1.8''
3. 450-500mb/s Read/Write
4. Controller:2246XT Main Control Chip
5. Flash memory: MLC (not TLC or 3D NAND Flash)
6. Disk Format: FAT16/FAT32/NTFS/EXT/ReiserFS
7. Operating temperature: 0 to + 70 °C
8. Warranty: 3 years